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Biology 1402 –General Zoology – Fall 2008

Lecture T-R 11:00-12:15 WSB 201



Instructor: Dr. Chris M. Ritzi

                  Office: Warnock Science Building - 216

                  Phone: 837- 8420


                  Office hours: M & W 8:30-10:30, T 2-3, or appt.


Class Website: &


Text:  Integrated Principles of Zoology.  Fourteenth Edition.  Hickman, C. P., L. S. Roberts, A. Larson, H. I’Anson, and D. Eisenhour.


Course Description:  General Zoology provides a general survey of the animal kingdom which considers the fundamentals of biological facts, laws, and principles as they apply to animals and the structures and functions of the organs and systems of representative animals.  A schedule of specific topics follow this syllabus.


Student Learning Objectives:

1)  The students will identify, recall, and label basic cellular structures and processes.

2)  Students will also classify organisms within the Phylums Protista and Animalia.

3)  The students will be able to summarize and explain the processes of evolution and development.

4)  Students will be expected to demonstrate understanding of the genetic code and translate information from genetic to protein sequence.

5)  Students will illustrate a knowledge of the physiological systems that work with animals (gas exchange, digestion, etc.)


Grading: Your grade will be assigned based on the percentage of points you get out of a total possible 800 points. (100pt exams (4), 25pt quizzes (8), 200pts from lab)


Tests: There will be a total of 5 exams, each worth 100 points. Quizzes will be given throughout the semester on Blackboard.  If you miss an exam or quiz and have a legitimate excuse, contact me within 24 hours of the test and we will arrange a make-up test.  If you do not contact me within 24 hours, you will receive a zero on that exam. 


Attendance: Students missing 20% of lectures (6 lectures) AND/OR labs (3 labs) shall be dropped from the class per the SRSU catalog.  Any student dropped for excessive absences will receive an F for the course grade.  Please notify your instructor BEFORE missing class for authorized activities, death in the family, or illness.  Exams missed for any reason must be made up within one week of the originally scheduled date.  REGARDLESS OF WHY AN ABSENCE OCCURS, YOU MAY BE GIVEN AN F FOR THE COURSE GRADE IF YOU ACCUMULATE SIX ABSENCES.


Lecture courtesy:  The general rules of classroom etiquette are below.

1)                  Please do not talk to others in class while the instructor is lecturing.  If you have a question, ASK THE INSTRUCTOR!  That’s what I’m here for.

2)                  No eating, chewing, dipping, etc.

3)                  Please turn cell phones and pagers to silent while in class.  They are disruptive to the entire class, and detract from learning.

4)                  Excessive tardiness and early departure are distracting to your fellow classmates, and can negatively impact your grade


Students with disabilities will be provided reasonable accommodations.  If you would like to request such accommodations because of physical, mental, or learning disability, please contact the ADA Coordinator for Program Accessibility at 837-8178, UC 211.


Tentative Lecture Outline

Date                                  Lecture topic                                                       Chapter


Aug 21                         Introduction and Evolution                             1

Aug 26- 28                    Biological Chemistry                                     2

Sept 2-4                       Cells and Membrane Function                         3

                                   Exam I

Sept 9-11                     Cell Metabolism                                              4

Sept 16-18                    Meiosis & Genetics                                          7 & 5

Sept 23-25                   Genetic Expression & Sexual Reproduction         5 & 7

                                    Exam II

Sept 30- Oct 2              Development & Evolutionary Evidence              8 & 6

Oct 7-9                        Animal Architecture and Taxonomy                    9 & 10

Oct 14-16                     Protozoan                                                       11

                                   Exam III

Oct 21-23                     Sponges, Cnidarians, Pseudoceolomates                 12 - 15

Oct 28-30                     Mollusca & Annelida                                            16 & 17          

Nov 4 -6                       Arthropoda                                                        18 - 20

      Exam IV

Nov 11-13                   Echinodermata & Chordata                                    22 & 23

Nov 18-20                   Fish & Amphibians                                              24 & 25

Nov 25-27                   Thanksgiving Break

Dec 2-4                       Reptile, Birds, & Mammals                                   26-28

Dec 9 10:15 am            Final Exam                                                                             


Note – This outline is subject to change for reasons of course interest, time constraint, or instructor whim.  The exams will be administered on the dates given, unless material relevant for a given exam has not been covered.  Under such cases, an exam may be moved a class period or two to aid in the clarity and understanding of the material.

PowerPoint Lectures

Introduction               Cell Metabolism    Evolution                    Primitive Animals       Deutrostomes

Chemistry                  Genetics              Animal Arch and Tax    Protostomes              Aquatic Vertebrates

Cells and Membranes   Development       Protozoans                  Arthropods                Terrestrial Vertebrates




Sample Questions


Quizzes and Exams

Quiz 1                            Quiz 5                        Exam 1

Quiz 2                            Quiz 6                        Exam 2

Quiz 3                            Quiz 7                        Exam 3

Quiz 4                            Quiz 8                        Exam 4




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