Page of Mystery

This page is created solely to entertain myself with the desiderata that makes me happy. Or sad. Proceed at your own risk.


Tuxedo, 5 years old


Current book(s) on the nightstand

Life & Death Are Wearing Me Out — M. Yan

School Leadership That Works — R. Marzano

The Courage to Teach — P. Palmer

Ulysses — J. Joyce (found again from storage)

Last CD’s bought

Great Move — The Move

The Lexicon of Love II — ABC

Keep the Village Alive — Stereophonics

Cayamo Sessions at Sea — Buddy Miller

Green River Ordinance — Green River Ordinance

The Beauty of Letting Go — Green River Ordinance

Funeral — Arcade Fire

Last regular volkssport events

Shiner — 25km bike

Pflugerville — 25km bike

San Antonio downtown — 10km walk

Cedar Park caves — 13km walk

Recently finished books

Walking — H. Thoreau

Life’s a Beach — G. Mahood

100 Lost Rock Albums From the 1970s — M. Ingram

The Color of Magic. —T. Pratchett

The Vinyl Dialogues, Vol. II — M. Morsch

Walkin’ On the Happy Side of Misery — J. R. Tate

Sh*t My Dad Says — J. Halpern

Last year-round volkssport event

Shiner — 10km walk

Seminole Canyon SP — 12km walk

Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Wales — 165km walk

Boerne Cibolo Nature Area — 10km walk

Last sporting event

Astros — Angels (Houston) 22.6.16

Astros — Reds (Houston) 18-19.6.16

Astros — Twins (Houston) 4.5.16

Photos by C. Baulch

Page of Mystery

Last volkssport awards

2000 events                                  2500km bike

21000 kilometers

Joel and Michael watching Craig Biggio’s (who was finally recognized by the BBWA) last game, 2007.

(Photo by C. Baulch)

A happy day! Kate celebrates the M.Ed. with Michael and Henry VIII.

Window and tidal pools on the Northern California coast.  (Photo by C. Baulch)

Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon 2012 (shortly before the broken leg . . .)

Hidden Falls above Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park.

Basking in the sunshine atop the Crazy Horse monument in South Dakota, 2013.

Our motley group atop Mt. Phillips at Philmont in ‘87. After a rainy climb, this was an heroic moment. Sadly, one of us is no longer around . . .


Miniature Husky, 13 years old.

JDRF walk participant!

ADA protected—hearing impaired


North Carolina waterfalls 2014.

Where beagles go to hide . . .

Glacier NP 2014





JDRF walk in San Antonio 2015.

Thanksgiving 2015