Sul Ross State University - Rio Grande College

Sul Ross State University Rio Grande College

EDUC 3301 Curriculum Development and Teaching Strategies in Elementary School grades 4-8

EDUC 3303 Methods and Classroom Management in Elementary School grades 4-8

EDUC 3305 Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management in Secondary School

EDUC 4300 Internship in Teaching

EDUC 4301 Internship in Teaching II

EDUC 4312 Methods and Materials in Secondary Schools

EDUC 5302 The Principalship

EDUC 5304 Public School Supervision

EDUC 5310 Educational Statistics

EDUC 5317 History and Philosophy of Education

EDUC 5318 Administration of Personnel Services

EDUC 5336 Instructional Leadership

EDUC 5338 Professional Development & Appraisal System

EDUC 6304 Organization and Theory in School Administration

EDUC 6307 School Public Relations

EDUC 6315 Curriculum Theory and Development

EDUC 6325 Communications for School Administrators

EDUC 7302 Administration of Counseling Programs

EDUC 7305 Workshop in Education

EDUC 7306 School Finance

EDUC 7307 Advanced Seminar in Administration

EDUC 7309 State and Federal Programs in the Public Schools

Courses Taught C. Baulch

WARNING: Actual instruction of course is not a statement of quality, although the attempt was certainly earnest.

Photo by Joel Baulch

In the rafters at the Juicebox watching the Astros and the @#%$! yankees.

A particularly bad case of nieces. The Mattie species (who finally has her drivers license) on the left is silly and the Kelly species on the right is really weird.

Sitting up high at Safeco watching the Mariners with Kate 2012.

Smiling from atop Hurricane Ridge in Olympic NP with Sally 2013.

Crossing the Straits of Juan de Fuca from Victoria, BC after a day of walking, oysters, and adult beverages . . .

Bonnie had had enough of the JDRF 2014 activities . . .