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BIOL 2404 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory

   Fall 2011


Textbook: Allen, C. and V. Harper. Laboratory manual for Anatomy and Physiology. 2th Edition.

Lab Coordinator: Dr. Christopher M. Ritzi, Rm 216, Tel. 837-8420 Email:

Teaching Assistant: Amanda Gutierrez, Rm 214, Tel. 837-8715  Email:

                                                Office hours: To Be Announced

                                     Victoria Mancha, Rm 214, Tel. 837-8715  Email:   

                                                Office hours: To be Announced

Coordinator Office Hours: Office Hours: M W 9-10:30, T 2-5 in Rm 216 or by appt.

Webpage:  & /critzi/

Lab room: Rm 109, Warnock Science Building

Lab Times: Section 001 Tuesday 3:00-5:00 pm, Section 002 Tuesday 7:00-9:00 pm                       


Course Description:

                The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the importance of the human body and its various organ systems.  This is designed as the first semester of a two semester course, and will cover basic internal life processes, as well as emphasizing the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and endocrine systems.  This laboratory will focus on hands-on learning, combining laboratory and microscopic techniques with classical dissection.


               There are a total of 180 points possible, which will count for 25% of your overall grade for the course.  Your grade will be determined by you performance on:

2 lab practicals (100 total points)

8 Quizzes (80 total points)

Lab Practical 1 (Microscope/Tissues - The Cell, Anatomy and Division) (40 points)

Lab Practical 2 (Structure of Bone - Articulations and Biomechanics) (60 points)


We will have 11 quizzes (10 pts. each) during the semester.  The lowest 3 quiz scores will be dropped for your final grade.  Each quiz will cover material presented in the previous lab.  Quizzes will focus on the identification of structures and understanding of conceptual material.



                As per SRSU policy, students shall be dropped from the class with an F if they miss 20% (3 labs) over the course of the semester.  If you are unable to attend lecture, please notify me by either e-mail, phone, or in person so that you will not be unnecessarily dropped from the course.  Also, this course will involve dissection in the later half of the term.  As such, please dress accordingly and avoid unnecessary problems (dangling hair, contact lens, formal wear, etc.)


Lecture courtesy:  The general rules of classroom etiquette are below.

1)                   Please do not talk to others in class while the instructor is lecturing.  If you have a question, ASK THE INSTRUCTOR!

2)                   No food or drink in the lab.  During dissection, it could get messy

3)                   If you are gong to attend class, please do so.  Leaving and returning to class repeatedly is disruptive, as well as showing up after half the period is over.

4)                   Please turn cell phones and pagers to silent while in class.  They are disruptive to the entire class, and distract others as well.


Students with disabilities will be provided reasonable accommodations.  If you would like to request such accommodations because of physical, mental, or learning disability, please contact the ADA Coordinator for Program Accessibility at 837-8203, FH 112.



Tentative Laboratory Outline

Date                                       Lecture topic                                                                       Exercises


Aug 30                                   Anatomical Position / Microscope / Tissues                   1, 3, 6

Sept 6                                     Enzymes                                                                               Handout

Sept 13                                  The Cell: Transport Mechanisms                                     5

Sept 20                                  The Cell: Anatomy and Division                                      4

Sept 27                                  Practical Exam I                                                 

Oct 4                                      Overview of the Skeleton                                                   8 + Handout

Oct 11                                    Axial Skeleton                                                                      9

Oct 18                                    Appendicular Skeleton                                                       10

Oct 25                                    Brain & Cranial Nerves                                                      16-21 in part

Nov 1                                     General Senses/ Olfaction & Taste                                  22-23

Nov 8                                     Muscles I                                                                               12 + Handout

Nov 15                                   Muscles II                                                                             Handout

Nov 22                                   No Lab Happy T- Day!

Nov 29                                   Articulations and Body Movements                               11

Dec 6                                      Practical Exam II                                                                                                               


Note This outline is subject to change for reasons of course interest, time constraint, or instructor whim.  The exams will be administered on the dates given, unless material relevant for a given exam has not been covered.  Under such cases, an exam may be moved a class period or two to aid in the clarity and understanding of the material.





Lab Handouts and Supplements

Introduction, microscope, and tissue slides & handout

Enzymes handout

Membrane Transport Slides

Cell Mitosis Slides

Bone Markings PowerPoint and handout

Axial Skeleton and handout

Appendicular Skeleton Slides and handout

Brain and Cranial Nerves and handout + Virtual Sheep Brain Dissection

Senses Slides

Muscles I and Handout

Muscles II and Handout

Human Muscle Quiz and Cat Muscle Quiz

Joint Lab



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