Conic Sections


Conixperiments is a set of hands-on explorations of the basic properties of conic sections covered in this primer. Click the link below to download a copy.

CONIXPERIMENTS [updated July 13, 2017]

You are welcome to download the packet or print out sections for student use, but please do not distribute the packet electronically without permission. Many of the experiments make use of GeoGebra software, available here:


Included in the packet are copies of Dr. Ortiz's Amazing Conic Graph Paper and Dr. Ortiz's Amazing Central Conic Graph Paper. To access these truly amazing tools as separate PDF documents, please click the links below.

Conic Graph Paper

Central Conic Graph Paper

The primer was prepared largely from historical sources, as cited below. Some students may enjoy reading some of these; the Two New Sciences of Galileo is especially approachable, and includes his exposition on parabolic trajectories. Among the modern works used, students may most benefit from perusing Excursions in Geometry by C. Stanley Ogilvy. Also very useful to the teacher is Practical Conic Sections by J. W. Downs.


From the Encyclopedia Britannica Great Books of the Western World collection:

  • Euclid, Elements
  • Archimedes, Quadrature of the Parabola
  • Apollonius, Conics
  • Ptolemy, The Almagest
  • Copernicus, On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres
  • Kepler, Epitome of Copernican Astronomy
  • Galileo, Concerning the Two New Sciences
  • Newton, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy

H. S. M. Coxeter, Introduction to Geometry, 2nd ed., Wiley, 1989.

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All mathematical diagrams and animations were created using GeoGebra software.

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