Effective Leadership 
for the 21st Century


Society is changing faster than ever due to the new advances in technology and availability of instant communication. Schools must be able to keep pace with these changes or will face becoming obsolete in the 21st Century.

The information provide on this website is based on the 7 Correlates of Highly Effective Schools set forth by Lawrence W. Lezotte and can be found at http://www.effectiveschools.comww.effectiveschools.com. According to Dr. Lezotte, "there are two underlying assumptions to keep in mind: First, school improvement is an endless journey. Second, the second generation correlates cannot be implemented successfully unless the first generation correlate standards are present in the school. In one sense, the second generation correlates represent a developmental step beyond the first and, when successfully accomplished, will move the school even closer to the mission of Learning for All."

Click on each puzzle piece for tips that will help guide you to effective leadership strategies for the 21st Century.


Safety: How safe of a learning environment are you providing your faculty and students?? Time Management: Are you ulitizing the time you have effectively? Evaluating Success: What does success look like to you? Instruction: Are you a leader or a manager of your school? Community Relations: Are you working together or against each other? High Expectations: How high are you setting the bar? Mission: What are your core values? 7 correlates of effective schools   Compiled by: The Sullivan Six-Pack: Mary Ann Olivas, Cameron Burton, Norma Corral, Pablo Jasso, Jeff Ellsworth, Bobby Waldrop, and Dr. Sullivan.