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What’s a Super to Do?


The Administrative Team, Organization and Delegation

From the Superintendent’s Perspective



I.                    Start at the Top: State Law/TEC

A.     Chapter 11

                                                            1.      § 11.011. Organization


                                                            2.      §11.163 Employment Policy


                                                            3.      §11.201 Superintendents


B.     Chapter 22 – School District Employees and Volunteers

                                                            1.      §22.002 Assignment, Transfer or Pledge of Compensation


II.                 Other Resources You Can’t Forget About

A.     Texas Association of School Administrators –

B.     Texas Association of School Boards –

C.     Texas Association of Secondary School Principals –

D.     American Association of School Administrators –



III. Examples of School District Organization and Delegation


      A.  Irving ISD, Irving Texas



      B.   RFF Flow Chart Software



     C.   West Contra Costa USD, Los Angeles, CA




III.               Start at the Top: State Law/TEC

A.     Chapter 11

                                                            1.      §11.011 Organization  - recognizes the board of trustees, superintendent and campus administrators.

                                                            2.      §11.163 Employment Policy

1.      “The board of trustees of each independent school district shall adopt a policy providing for the employment and duties of district personnel”. This state policy gives local districts the power to set up their own administrative framework.

2.       This policy also gives “the superintendent sole authority to make recommendations to the board regarding the selection of all personnel other than the superintendent…”

3.      The board can either accept or reject the superintendent’s recommendation.

                                                            3.      §11.201 Superintendents –

1.      “…educational leader and chief executive officer of the school district.”

2.      Superintendent duties are state in TEC as

(1) assuming administrative responsibility and leadership for the planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the education programs, services, and facilities of the district and for the annual performance appraisal of the district's staff;


(2) assuming administrative authority and responsibility for the assignment and evaluation of all personnel of the district other than the superintendent;


(3) making recommendations regarding the selection of personnel of the district other than the superintendent, as provided by Section 11.163;


(4) initiating the termination or suspension of an employee or the nonrenewal of an employee's term contract;


(5) managing the day-to-day operations of the district as its administrative manager;


(6) preparing and submitting to the board of trustees a proposed budget as provided by Section 44.002;


(7) preparing recommendations for policies to be adopted by the board of trustees and overseeing the implementation of adopted policies;


(8) developing or causing to be developed appropriate administrative regulations to implement policies established by the board of trustees;


(9) providing leadership for the attainment of student performance in the district based on the indicators adopted under Section 39.051 and other indicators adopted by the State Board of Education or the district's board of trustees;


(10) organizing the district's central administration; and


(11) performing any other duties assigned by action of the board of trustees.


B.     Chapter 22 – School District Employees and Volunteers

                                                            1.      §22.002 Assignment, Transfer or Pledge of Compensation

1.      This section of state policy mandates the assignment of personnel in a school district. The policy protects wages and compensation in





Brain Research




Brain Research webpage


Brain Research Unit (BRU) Helsinki University of Technology


The Brain Research Institute




Practical Classroom Applications of Current Brain Research


Articles and Information

  1. How Can Research on the Brain Inform Education?
    from Classroom Compass
  2. Brain Trust
    from Education Week. a general article on brain research and its implications for the education of young children, from Education Week, Sept 1996.
  3. Understanding the Brain: Educators Seek to Apply Brain Based Research
    from Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  4. Education and the Brain: A Bridge Too Far
    cautionary article about brain research and its extrapolation to education
  5. The Learning Environment
    article from the National Academy for Child Development
  6. Brain Research and Education: Neuroscience Research Has Impact for Education Policy
    from the Education Commission of the States
  7. What Does Research Say About Early Childhood Education?
  8. Development and Learning: An Educational and Cognitive Perspective
  9. Creatology: Brain Science for the 21st Century

Classroom Models

  1. The Education By Design Classroom Model
    comprehensive model for experiential learning for students characterized by progressive cycles of problem-based challenges that are experienced in a collaborative learning community
  2. Integrated Thematic Instruction by Susan Kovalik:
  3. Integrated Thematic Instruction at Squaw Peak School in Phoenix, AZ
  4. Brain Compatability
  5. Integrative Education
    from ERIC Digest, a publication of research on education from the U.S. Department of Education
  6. Integrated Curriculum
    from School Improvement Research Series
  7. Integrative Education
    excerpt from Optimizing Learning: The Integrative Education Model in the Classroom by Barbara Clark


  1. Project 9 +/- 2TM
    a "grass roots campaign to improve the brain function of our society"
  2. Whole-Brain Teaching
    from Funderstanding, "to create better learning environments in both the corporate and K-12 markets."
  3. Brains.Org
    practical applications of current brain research
  4. just for fun




  • Translation Library™ of Educational Forms, Texas Edition


  • No Child Left Behind – Parent Information

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


  • Community Involvement in Change


  • Turning Groans to Grins





  • TEA Website




  • Special Education


  • Texas Education Code




  • Professional and Leadership Development





Supervision and Curriculum Development




  • TEA Website


  • TASB Website


  • Texas School Law Bulletin




Preparation and Timeline:


Analysis of Major Expenses in January and February


       Operating costs


Analysis of Revenue in January

       Property taxes with appraisal district

       State revenue (keep in mind one year lag)


Board approve budget allocations in February

       Base allocations on historical data and estimated state revenue using templates provided by state


Budget allocations sent to campuses in March

       Budget worksheets are distributed

       Campus administration makes adjustments, special requests and transfers


Budgets submitted to business office in April

       Business manager reviews budgets


Budget hearings are scheduled in May

       Principals defend special requests and budget transfers


Initial budgets are submitted to Superintendent in June

       Administration reviews budgets

       Salary proposal is submitted to Trustees


Campus and other budgets are finalized in July

       Report of preliminary estimate of revenue from property values and state revenue

       Board adoption of salary proposal

       Draft of budget is submitted to Trustees


Public Notice of Adoption of Budget in August

       10 days prior to adoption

       Adoption of budget

       Adoption of tax rate


Federal and State Regulatory Agencies

A Resource Guide of Web-links to Educational Regulations, Associations, and Articles




I.          Federal Regulations



            No Child Left Behind Act/ Titles/Sections




            National Archives and Records Administration Code of Federal Regulation Title                        34 Education.



            Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act



            House Bill and Senate Bill Information



            Secretary of Education Initiatives


II.        State Regulations



            Texas Statutes enacted by the legislature.



            Texas Constitution



            Texas Senate Bill Status



            Texas House Bills Status



             Texas Education Code



            Commissioner of Education and State Board Rules



            Texas Administrative Code



            Proposed SBOE Rules



            Proposed Commissioner of Education Rules



            TEA’s Title 19 part II  Chapter 110 Guidelines for Curriculum


III.       Educational Associations



            A general listing of educational associations mostly at the National level.



            Texas Association of School Boards



            National School Board Association



            Call TEA for a two page listing of educational associations at state level.


IV.       Articles



            Educational Policy Analysis and Archives



            Consortium for Policy Research on the Internet; Publications



            American Council on Education



Senate  Bill 618



Between 1994 and 2002, the number of schools rated as low-performing in Texas more than tripled, increasing from 54 to 149 campuses.  In 2001-02, nearly 70,000 students attended public schools that were rated as low-performing.  Sen. Shapleigh authored S.B. 618 to require the Commissioner of Education to reconstitute any campus rated as low performing due to test performance on the TAKS. When a campus is reconstituted, as special campus intervention team will be assembled to determine which educators may be retained or assigned to another position in the district.  The bill would also require TEA to publish a list of low-performing campuses not later than August 1st  of each year.  The new law took effect September 1, 2003, and will apply to schools for the first time during the 2005-06 school year.




Senate Bill History


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History · Text · Actions · Captions · Companion · Authors · Coauthors · Amendment · Next Bill


Bill: SB 618 - Legislative Session: 78(R)

Council Document: 78R 05113

Enrolled   06/18/2003 E Effective on 9/1/03

Relating to the consequences of a public school's being considered low-performing.






Shapiro | Van de Putte | West






Education--School Districts
Education--Primary & Secondary--General


Senate Committee:



Out of committee


Ayes=8   Nays=0   Present Not Voting=0   Absent=1


House Committee:

Public Education


Out of committee


Ayes=8   Nays=0   Present Not Voting=0   Absent=1





El Paso Times


U.S. News and World Report: Fixing Your Schools, October 9, 2003


Board Meeting


School law





 Roberts Rules-

Construction Contracts for School Districts







Family Stress


Personal and Professional Stress



University Interscholastic League

University Interscholastic League

2003-2004 Constitution and Contest Rules

TEA & UIL Side by Side

Official Calendar

Booster Club Guidelines

District Executive Committee Manual



Special Populations & Interest Groups


Special Education


TEA Special Education in Texas


Federal Resource Center for Special Education


Special Education News




The Special Education Home Page


Internet Special Education Resources


About Special Education




TEA Division of Advanced Academic Services


GT World


The National Research Center on the Gifted,2916,59,00.html



The National Foundation for Gifted and Talented Children




TEA PEIMS At-Risk Indicator Codes


National Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students


The Center for Research on At-Risk Students


North Central Regional Educational Laboratory


ERIC Digest




Public Education Information Management System





                                    School district maintenance and transportation


  1. What districts expend for maintenance
  2. Why putting off maintenance is trouble
  3. What are the benefits of maintenance website on school facilities information American School & University, Apr.1, 2001 Info on expenditures on maintenance of schools


  1. Ways for districts to look at privatization of their buses
  2. Safety issues dealing with School Buses
  3. Local state website for school bus information   site for school bus information provided by  the national highway and transportaion safety administration  provider of contract school bus service informative site  provider of contract school bus service National School Transportation Association  school transportation news   state of Texas information on school bus data at a glance Texas Department of Public Safety Website for School Bus Information with links to current information of school bus requirements and safety issues.



Information on School Board Elections

  1. School Board Election information
  2. Number of  School board members
  3. Removal and replacement of non functioning school board members  website of the Texas Association of School Boards providing links to election information website of the Texas Secretary of State with the current laws dealing with holding of elections, dates of elections,  and the requirements for candidates for office.


TASB Local Policy Handbook: BBB Legal & BBC Legal  Every district has what is called a Blue Book which details that district’s policy for the election of school board members and removal of members. Many districts have their policy online through