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My lab currently is teaming with activity in a multitude of directions, focusing in pollination ecology, mammalian ectoparasites, and forensic entomology.

The lab is made up of ten current graduate students, listed below:

Raquel Acosta - non thesis option

Erin Lance Chambers - Ecology of Neotoma micropus (Southern Plains Woodrat)

Melinda Dooley - Forensic Entomology

Lori George - Ectoparasites

Amanda Gutierrez - Forensic Entomology

Kody Kubala - Parasites of Javelinas and Feral Hogs

Cynthia McAlister - Pollination ecology of CDRI - What's the Buzz?

Lizbeth Marquez - Comparison of ectoparasitic communities on small rodents from two ecotones

Rosalva (Rosie) Meraz - non-thesis option

Karin Nilsen - Vertebrate community changes associated with tamarisk defoliation along the Rio Grande

David Sauerzopf - Bacterial pathogen identification techniques of use for the Rio Grande



Congratulations to Alice Harris, for completing her Exams and becoming the most recent graduate from the lab!!!  Have fun as you start your PhD in Entomology at Kansas State!


Prior students associated with the lab.

Amy Slover - Biology of Opuntia davisii (Graduated Summer 2006) - Coadviser

Jeff Bardwell - Diet selection by ontogenetic patterns in the yellow mud turtle (Kinosternon flavescens) - (Graduated Fall 2006)

Anne Marie Hilscher - education specialty, non-thesis option (Graduated Spring 2006)

Kari Murabito - education specialty, non-thesis option (Graduated Summer 2006)

Ron Schulze - education specialty, non-thesis option (Graduated Fall 2006)

Tiffany Beck - Environmental factors affecting ectoparasite density in bridge roosting Tadarida brasiliensis (Chiroptera: Molossidae). (Graduated Spring 2007)

Allison Leavitt - non-thesis option (Transferring to Texas A&M)

Dan Leavitt - Reassessing a lizard survey in Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas. (Graduated Spring 2007)

Tara Poloskey - A Comparison of Artificial Structure Use and Associated Vegetation Characteristics between Midwestern and Trans-Pecos Bats (Graduated Summer 2008)

Brandi Bell - The effocacy of Ploymerase Chain Reaction Based Detection of Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella typhimurium in water and sediment samples from the Rio Grande (Graduated Summer 2008) - Coadvisor

Leah Duran - PCR-Based Identification of Legionelle pneumophila, Aeromonas hydrophila, and Yersinia enterocolitica in Water and Sediment Samples (Graduated Fall 2008) - Coadvisor

Tim Mullet - GIS model validation for predicting Mexican Spotted Owl habitat in the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas (Defended Summer 2008)

Traci Guckian - non-thesis option (Graduated Spring 2009)

Lady Jena Carey - non-thesis option (Graduated Summer 2010)



Cynthia McAlister taking readings during her pollinator study at CDRI (photo by C. Hoyt)


Tara Poloskey wading for bats in Indiana       Tiffany Beck weighting a bat

  More Pictures and Progress to Come...



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