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My current research interests lay in the area of mammalian ectoparasites.  I initially began my work by conducting a survey of the ectoparasites associated with various small mammals, including rodents, insectivores, and my favorite, bats.  This work has now been expanded to investigate the ecology and life history interactions between host and parasite, mainly between bats and mites of the family Macronyssidae.

What is an Ectoparasite?

An ectoparasite is an organism that lives on another organism, relying on that organism for food and other resources.  Although it does technically harm its host by taking some nutrients, ectoparasites rarely cause serious damage or death to their host, as that would be detrimental to the parasite as well.

I mainly study the ectoparasitic acari and insects of mammals, such as fleas, lice, bat flies, ticks, chiggers, and other mites.  More information and pictures are to come.


Another big area of research focus I have been involved with since 2006 is in the Biological control of saltcedar (Tamarisk sp.) along the Rio Grande.  I have been working with Texas AgriLife, USDA-ARS, and the Rio Grande Institute to establish and monitor beetle activity and movement from the western edge of Big Bend National Park north along the river to Candelaria.  The species of beetle we have had the most success and are currently following is Diorhabda sublineata, which is original from Tunisia.  To learn more about this project, please visit my project page about tamarisk biological control here.


I am also the Curator of the Invertebrate Collection at Sul Ross State University.  This involves maintaining and organizing the arthropod collection at Sul Ross State University, and handling information and loan requests. 


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For a list of my current Publications to date, please click here.


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