I paint in oil and watercolor. Generally I paint on a very small scale.

People sometimes ask why I don't produce mathematically themed art. The reason is that painting is something I do to obtain release from the logical rigors of mathematics. In his "Ode on a Grecian Urn," Keats famously wrote, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty." This is correct, I think, but imprecise. Mathematics concerns the beauty of truth, whereas art concerns the truth of beauty.

All that said, I do in fact produce some mathematical art, but it seems more appropriate somehow to make it digitally, through programming and algorithms; the pleasure I obtain from creating such pieces is quite distinct from my enjoyment of painting.


Santa Maria sopra Minerva. 8" by 12". Watercolor on hot-pressed paper.


Green June Beetle. 3.5" by 5". Oil on clay ground.


Taos Pueblo. 5" by 5". Oil on clay ground.


Ant on Rose Petal. 5" by 3.5". Oil on clay ground.


Saguaro Bud. 5" by 5". Oil on clay ground.


San Francisco de Asís, Los Ranchos de Taos. 7" by 5". Oil on clay ground.


Saguaro Bloom. 6" by 6". Oil on clay ground.


Crucifixion (after Velazquez). 3.5" by 5". Scratch drawing in india ink.


Saint Michael the Archangel. 5" by 7". Oil on clay ground.


Bernini's Elephant, Rome. 3.5" by 5". Gouache on clay ground.


Third Day of Creation. 3.5" by 5". Watercolor on clay ground.


St. Catherine of Siena. 2.5" by 3.5". Watercolor on clay ground.


Capybara. 4" by 4". Watercolor on clay ground.


Jacob's Dream. 5" by 7". Watercolor on clay ground.


Badlands. 7" by 5". Oil on gesso.


Entombment. 5" by 7". Watercolor on clay ground.


Green June Beetle. 7" by 5". Watercolor on hot-pressed paper.


Mountain Laurel Bean. 3.5" by 2.5". Oil on clay ground.


Honeybee. 5" by 7". Watercolor on hot-pressed paper.

Michael Ortiz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Sul Ross State University Rio Grande College

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