A Thought

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“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
—Henry David Thoreau, American poet & philosopher (1817-1862)

“. . . the very essence of human existence, knowledge, as the mind is an element that enables us to shift the winds of luck, re-shape the forces of fate or destiny, and, ultimately, empower us to become free authors of our own lives, for the true art of human expression is the ability to express our dreams, thoughts, and emotions as we feel them or as they come to mind, as we search for universal equality, justice, peace, love, truth, and reality.”
—Martin Guevara Urbina in Twenty-First Century Dynamics of Multiculturalism: Beyond Post-Racial America (2014)

During his spare time, Urbina loves evening walks. His biggest delight: la lluvia (rain)!

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