Manuscripts in Progress

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Urbina, Martin Guevara, Robert J. Durán, Vera Lopez, and Edwardo L. Portillos
Forthcoming: Making Sense of the American Juvenile Justice System.

Urbina, Martin Guevara and Daniel Justino Delgado
Forthcoming:  Latinos and the U.S. Legal System: Laws that Wound—A Call for a Balanced System.

Urbina, Martin Guevara
Forthcoming: The Color of Justice—The Price of Injustice:  Racism in the Age of Colorblindness.


Urbina, Martin Guevara
“Education, Criminalization, and Globalization in 21st Century America:  The Power to Exclude, Oppress, and Silence.”

Urbina, Martin Guevara
“The Rise and Fall of Global Powers.”

Urbina, Martin Guevara
“The Essence of Time: ¿De Que Color es el Viento?”

Novels and Poetry

Urbina, Martin Guevara and Francisco Guevara Urbina
Forthcoming: Cincuenta Poemas de Amor Para el Alma y el Corazon: Fifty Love Poems for the Soul and the Heart.

Urbina, Martin Guevara
Forthcoming: Kylor’s Adventure Through the Rainforest: A Journey of Courage and Faith. A Children’s Book: Bilingual Edition.

Urbina, Martin Guevara
Forthcoming: An Adventure in Time: A Journey Without Boundaries.
A novel (fiction).

Urbina, Martin Guevara
Forthcoming: Mi Vida: Between the Wind and the Rain, I Looked up and Wept.
A novel (nonfiction).