About the Author

Dr. Urbina is author, coauthor, or editor of over 60 scholarly publications on a wide range of topics, including several academic books:  Immigration and the Law:  Race, Citizenship, and Social Control (2018); Hispanics in the U.S. Criminal Justice System: Ethnicity, Ideology, and Social Control, 2nd ed. (2018); Ethnicity and Criminal Justice in the Era of Mass Incarceration: A Critical Reader on the Latino Experience (2017); Latino Access to Higher Education: Ethnic Realities and New Directions for the Twenty-First Century (2016); Latino Police Officers in the United States:  An Examination of Emerging Trends and Issues (2015); Twenty-First Century Dynamics of Multiculturalism:  Beyond Post-Racial America (2014); Ethnic Realities of Mexican Americans:  From Colonialism to 21st Century Globalization (2014); Capital Punishment in America:  Race and the Death Penalty Over Time (2012); Hispanics in the U.S. Criminal Justice SystemThe New American Demography (2012); Capital Punishment and Latino Offenders:  Racial and Ethnic Differences in Death Sentences (2003, 2011); and A Comprehensive Study of Female Offenders:  Life Before, During, and After Incarceration (2008).  Currently, Dr. Urbina is working on three new academic books:  Making Sense of the American Juvenile Justice System; Latinos and the U.S. Legal System: Laws that Wound—A Call for a Balanced System; and The Color of Justice—The Price of Injustice:  Racism in the Age of Colorblindness.  His work has been published in national and international academic journals, to include Justice Quarterly; Critical Criminology; Social Justice; Latino Studies; and Criminal Law Bulletin.

Along with his academic endeavors, he is also writing other literary works:  An Adventure in Time:  A Journey Without Boundaries (fiction); Mi Vida:  Between the Wind and the Rain, I Looked up and Wept (nonfiction); and Kylor’s Adventure Through the RainforestA Journey of Courage and Faith (a children’s book).   Most recently, Dr. Urbina has also opted to venture into the world of poetry, with the illusion of writing a book of poems:  Cincuenta Poemas de Amor Para el Alma y el Corazon:  Fifty Love Poems for the Soul and the Heart.

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